I freakin adore caroline. She’s so nice and funny and her blog is amazing and I just can’t say enough about her. End of story. 

Send me a url and I’ll tell you what I think of the blogger


I honestly don’t know much of anything about Allison because I hadn’t seen her blog before, but it is beautiful and she seems quite nice and I love teen wolf so much —> + follow there for sure!

Send me a url and I’ll tell you what I think of the blogger


Dakota is adorable and her blog is gorgeous and we haven’t interacted a ton, but she has always been lovely the times that we have and she just seems like a wonderful person!

Send me a url and I’ll tell you what I think of the blogger

Ok i just figured out that i'm reblogging pretty much every single one of your posts that appears on my dash. Is this what love feels like?

I think it is. I think we can officially say this is love. I already knew but at least you finally caught up :P


send me a url and I’ll tell you what i think of the blogger

I’m literally coughing so hard that it’s making me gag. 

I’m not okay with this turn of events. 


Doctor Who Fest: day #1

↳ Who is your favorite companion?: Rose Tyler

anubis; the egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife. depicted as a jackal-headed protector of graves and an embalmer, he also had a role as lord of the underworld until he was replaced by osiris during the middle kingdom. despite being one of the most frequently mentioned gods, he played almost no role in egyptian myths, but is most known for attending the scales during ‘the weighing of the heart’ in which he weighed a person’s heart against ma’at, or truth (who was often represented by a feather). hearts heavier than this feather were devoured, and souls whose hearts were lighter could continue on into the next world.

the word ‘anubis’ itself is actually a greek rendering of the god’s egyptian name. his name in hieroglyphs was composed of the sound ‘inpw’, which was vocalized as ‘anapa’.